Cómo Fracasé En La Vida

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libro Cómo Fracasé En La Vida

When I was younger, I lived in an enormous mansion in the heart of the magical forest. I was good looking, rich, intelligent, and had a lot of friends. An ideal childhood? Sure, but in reality, the mansion was a shack in a miserable neighborhood, the forest was filled with fireplaces spewing nauseating fumes, and the child in question wasnt more than a lonely, poor human being. But growing up, things changed: money, love, fatherhood and social status. This is where his failure began. A comic that questions the true nature of success and failure, this book plays on the constant contradictions between the text and images. As the words idealize childhood, the pictures portray a sordid reality. Upon reaching adulthood, this is reversed and the alleged success is criticized. What is success? What is failure? This story shows that its not simply black and white.

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