Copiar El Edén

Major reference analyses the evolution of contemporary art in Chile from 1973 to 2007. The fine edition reproduces more than 500 color images of works by 74 contemporary artists (selected by editor Mosquera) including names such as: Juan Downey, Carlos Arias, (Santiago, Chile, 1964), Juan Castillo, (Antofagasta, 1952), Eugenio Dittborn, (Santiago, Chile, 1943), Paz Errzuriz, (Santiago, Chile, 1944), Volupsa Jarpa, (Rancagua, 1971), Carlos Leppe, (Santiago, Chile, 1952), and Carolina Ruff, (Santiago, Chile, 1973), as well as younger generation artists. The artists are presented in alphabetical order with brief introductory texts. Each reproduced work is rigorously documented with a caption that, in addition to providing the technical data offers the reader a description of the work for better comprehension. Six essays by noted critics and art historians: Guillermo Machuca, María Berríos, Justo Pastor Mellado, Catalina Mena, Nelly Richard y Adriana Válads.