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Psychologist, philanthropist, and family advocate Cheryl Saban, Ph.D., is on a mission! What Is Your Self-Worth? is a call to action for women around the world to take a look at how society perceives them, how they perceive themselves, and how women can adopt a personal mind-set (choosing happiness). You can form new habits! You can find your voice! Unlearn a perceived lack of control over your life. Uncover, rediscover, and express the worth that is innately yours, regardless of what others may say or do to make you doubt it. Your core authentic self is your truth . . . what you believe in and care about, where you come from, who you are. With a strong sense of self, you are able to view outside influences objectively . . . as merely outside influences. With interactive tasks and quizzes for self-assessment and growth that uniquely personalize the book for you, Cheryl helps you proactively express and own your sense of validity. She reveals the simple yet powerful truth about a womans self-worth through relevant research and by divulging her own personal life challenges and triumphs, including the horror of rape, the marginalization of divorce, the difficulty of single-parenthood, and ultimately a fulfilling 20-year marriage and a dynamic, successful life. Once you have rediscovered yourself, you will be eager to pass this knowledge forward to your daughters and sons. One hundred percent of the authors proceeds from this book will benefit womens funds. Free Self Worth, 50-page Workbook, $9.95 Value with Proof of Purchase Code!

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