Derrame Cerebral: Una Guía Para Ti Y Tu Familia

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libro Derrame Cerebral: Una Guía Para Ti Y Tu Familia

Men and women who have had a stroke and are recovering will make your life work again. They give you a road map to move you from the hospital to your home. This e-book is about the personal side of living after a stroke, rather than the medical aspects of recovery. It deals with some of the challenges you may encounter and provides the suggested questions for your doctors, nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and social workers. You may want to learn more about becoming as independent as possible to resume your life. Or possibly someone in your family or a close friend has had a stroke and you want to learn more about your role as caregiver. You will find dozens of new allies and helpers, ranging from your doctors to nurses, physical therapists, and other professionals. You will learn about organizations that have stroke and aphasia clubs, support services, and the opportunity to meet new acquaintances. Long after insurance payments stop for therapies, find out how people continue ‘personal rehabilitation,’ and benefit from their suggestions. Links take you directly to essential services, products and resources. This consumer savvy can save you time, energy and dollars and determine the quality of your life.

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