Introductions And Movement Of Two Penaeid Shrimp Species In Asia And The Pacific

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libro Introductions And Movement Of Two Penaeid Shrimp Species In Asia And The Pacific

Both Penaeus vannamei and P. stylirostris are introduced species in Asia and the Pacific. They have now become important commercial shrimp species in many countries in Asia. The main reason behind the importation of P. vannamei to Asia has been the perceived poor performance, slow growth rate and disease susceptibility of the major indigenous cultured shrimp species, P. chinensis in China and P. monodon virtually everywhere else. However, for many reasons, particularly with the evidence of the introduction of exotic viruses to the region, there has been caution on the part of many Asian governments for the introduction of P. vannamei and P. stylirostris. Nevertheless, this caution has not been demonstrated by the private sector, which has been bringing stocks of illegal and often disease carrying P. vannamei into Asia from many locations, as well as moving infected stocks within Asia. The commercial success of these introductions, despite disease problems, has allowed the development of substantial culture industries for these alien penaeids within Asia, particularly in China and Thailand. One effect of this is that it is rapidly becoming difficult to control the importation and development of this new industry. This report attempts to gather all of the currently available data on the extent of P. vannamei and P. stylirostris importation and culture in Asia, its potential problems and benefits, and in this way to serve as a source document from which to investigate further means by which control over this issue might be re-established. Recommendations aimed at controlling the importation, testing and culture of these species have been made for all levels and are included in this report.–Publisher’s description.

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