La Real Y Pontificia Universidad De San Gerónimo De La Habana

This book studies the origins of theUniversity of Havana, who during colonial times was run by the Dominican order of priests. Included is important information on the origin and development of the university, Cubas history during its colonial period, brief biographies of important personalities that studied at the university in the 18th and 19th century who, were also Cubas founders. Among them are: Arango y Parreño, Jose A. Caballero, Escobedo, Peñalver, Romay, Urrutia, Father Felix varela, Aguilera, Joaquin de Aguero, Bachiller y Morales, Calixto Bernal, Cespedes, Heredia, Jorrin Mendive, Morales Lemus,Saco, Cirilo Villaverde and many others. This is an important and necessary contribution to the history of Cuba.