Mapas De Nuestro Mundo (mapping Our World) 6 Pack

Engage second-grade students to build literacy and social studies content knowledge in geography with 6 copies of Mapas de nuestro mundo (Mapping Our World) and an accompanying lesson plan. Painting a picture of our world, maps help us better understand each other and know where we are. From physical to political, travel the seven continents through different types of maps. Learn about map features and the latitude and longitude of the global grid. Featuring dynamic primary sources, this high-interest nonfiction book translated in Spanish includes colorful images, text features such as a table of contents, glossary, and index, and a Your Turn application activity at the end of the book. The accompanying lesson plan provides 5 days of standards-based activities focused on reading, writing, and social studies with a primary source activity and Spanish-translated student activity sheets, a multiple-choice quiz, and a document-based assessment.