Sinaptic Meditation Manual: Increase Your Intelligence

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libro Sinaptic Meditation Manual: Increase Your Intelligence

Here you will receive essential knowledge about precise mental technology, based on the mantra system of the ancient Vedas. This method of meditation is the simplest and most effective that exists, the most scientifically studied. And now, it is within your immediate reach, according to your date of birth, so that the word of power, according to your vibratory tune, reverberates between your brain waves and causes a stable fluctuation to the Alpha-Theta pattern, allowing the mind to enter the layers of the subconscious and the superconscious. With the easy access to this modern know haw of mind control, educational establishments of all levels can incorporate the technique into their curricular systems. It is shown that at 3 months it causes changes in the brain and after 2 years of practice increases the intelligence of those who exercise it. It undoes accumulated stress, so it is ideal to implement it as a supplement in large companies, increasing the performance of workers and reducing absenteeism due to illness and accidents. During the practice of MS the metabolic rate is reduced by 16% in a matter of a few minutes, while in sleep the reduction is only 12% and after several hours. This makes meditation provide a more profound rest than that of sleep, but during the period the mind remains alert and awake, without loss of consciousness, as it happens during sleep. To this unique functioning of the body and mind, it is called Rest Alert You only need to consult the list and follow the instructions.

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