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The purpose of this text is to assist those in the law enforcement field with effective, immediate communication with Spanish-speaking persons. Therefore, this books approach is to teach straightforward, oral communication that requires the learner to verbally produce while relying little on listening skills. It is intended primarily as one-way communication and does not require the learning of grammar or the development of written communique. However, certain anticipated responses have been included for you. Even if the speaker does not use the exact answer, you will be able to recognize fragments and then take control of the conversation. Upon successfully mastering the phrases of the text, the learner will be able to manage situations they commonly encounter on a daily basis, give instructions and commands, ascertain personal information and interact with Spanish-speaking persons in a culturally appropriate manner. Using this textThis text has been designed to promote communication in Spanish for professionals in the field of law enforcement, with primary focus on public safety officials and correction officers. However, professionals in closely related fields, such as court officers and social workers, may find this text practical. Since not all sections of the text may be specific to each groups job duties, the text allows you to pick and choose what you will learn and concentrate on those areas that are most beneficial to you and your respective profession. The pages have been perforated so you can easily remove sections you will not use in order to customize the book or make the most used pages more portable. The options are left open to you.

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